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Discussion on: Understanding the spectrum of CSS frameworks

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Wiktor Wiśniewski

In my experience, these frameworks usually fail when it comes to accessibility or semantics. Disabled outlines, weird contrast ratio in hover focus states, etc. etc.

SemanticUI (a framework with almost 50k stars) has so terrible focus effects that navigating trough their buttons is like peekaboo game. I can only imagine how people with disabilities are struggling with it.

These frameworks are good if you have to get stuff done real quick but they are not as great as people think.

Creating accessible UI is not easy either. It looks like you have tried to make this navbar accessible but something went wrong because navigating in this app using keyboard is at least hard. I cannot get focus on menu icon, and when I open it with my pointer then focus is somewhere behind.

This doesn't mean you are bad developer. It proves my point which is - making accessible UI is really hard and using a ready solution does not guarantee that your app is going to be accessible or semantic (not saying you actually used one).

UI Frameworks are just great fine but I can't imagine using them on gov or edu sites.