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Discussion on: Finally, a post on singly linked list I understand

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Great work! I have few tips that I want to share:
You can also declare head as a pointer to the structure node.
And then you can start creating nodes in the linked list. Since a head is just a pointer to the first node so this way you can achieve that by not making it a node in actual with data and next part.
Actually, this approach is common in C.

struct ListNode *head = NULL;

Then inside your insert function, since you are adding in front only

    newnode = malloc(sizeof(newnode));
    newnode->data = data;
    newnode->next = NULL;

    newnode->next = head;
    head = newnode;

Also I am confused why are you using this loop in insert function

 while( p-> next != NULL){
            p = p->next;

I guess your code will work without it too.

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Saral Karki Author

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through the code and for the feedback.
I definitely see the point you make about the head, and it makes a lot of sense.

As for the while loop on the insert, there is no use for *P, and I don't know why I put it there.

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Plus you can also try double pointers i.e passing a double pointer to head to the functions and abstain from returning head to update the actual head :)