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Discussion on: React: thoughts from an Angular developer

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Willian Krueger • Edited

I feel angular has less pitfalls, and feels closer to the web. The boilerplate is a bit uglier, but then state management, styles and other aspects feel more natural. And STABLE. On a previous company I have worked, the junior devs got on with relative ease.

On the other hand React has so many ways to shoot yourself in the foot. Even experienced React devs may commit basic mistakes, (imagine the juniors!), because the framework and the community overall are so loose.

One thing I dislike from Angular is that the template intellisense is (or used to be) quite bad. Things like: if you F2 a variable on a controller, the language service doesnt apply the change on templates. On the other hand the JSX integration with typescript and language services are excellent since its just javascript.

DI is also a lot more confortable than contexts and redux, tough it shares potential performance issues (lots of re-renders). Angular runs its "check" so frequently, but I'm not sure if that check can be considered more lightweight than a React render.

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Lucas Otaño Author

Hi @wkrueger , thanks for your contribution! I agree with you in almost everything.
I wouldn't use the word "loose", I think the React community is huge and as React gives you so much freedom, there are a thousand ways to do different things and that can be really confusing and overwhelming, specially to junior devs.

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Willian Krueger

yash loose wasnt the best word