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I used to love Rainmeter. I haven't used it in a very long time, but I would spend ages playing with both that and conky, displaying all my stats etc. on my desktop.

I bet you can do some absolutely wild stuff with it these days, perhaps I should check it out again.

Thanks for the blast from the past!


Used to use it back in the day. Was a big fan of LiteStep before that. Can't tell you how much time I lost to making my "perfect" interface lol. It changed every couple of days too. I've lost most of the screenshots but, here's one from 09/28/06!

092806 Current Desktop


I like that calendar! I've always wanted a separate monitor that JUST displayed this stuff. Totally wasteful. Completely worth it. 🤣


Haven't used either Conky or Rainmeter in a long time. Just wanted to share that Rainmeter pre-dates Conky by a number of years IIRC. It's one of the good memories trying to mod Windows back then. I'm sure it's much different now.

It's definitely nit-picky, but it felt just a little wrong to read, like how off it would sound, to people above a certain age if you hear 'SourceForge is like GitHub'. :)


I stand corrected!

I got something from sourceforge recently. That brought back memories. Cnet, anyone?


Wow, Rainmeter is still around! What a pleasant surprise. I loved it and used it religiously 10-15 years ago. I might have to check it out again :)


I just realized that midnight-me didn't notice how blurry the interfaces are on my HiDPI monitor.

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