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Discussion on: Master Programming with best YouTube Channels

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I wanted to take the time to +1 a bunch of these, and maybe introduce you to a couple. Firstly, I have been consistently amazed by the quality of FreeCodeCamp's curation. I used their React course extensively when I was focusing on React, and the quality of teaching was great. (The React was a bit old, but it's not like you can update your react course every month to incorporate all the new changes.) You can discover a lot of top-notch YouTubers just by seeing whose content FreeCodeCamp will curate: I found Karl Hadwen, Weibenfalk, and Classsed by way of FCC, to name a few.

Traversy is another great one. I'm working on his Deno tutorials now. I think it really says something that as everyone else is trying to even figure out what Deno is, he managed to put together a tutorial on the basics, and then an API and even Postgres integration.

Derek Banas ( is another one. He reminds me of Traversy in style, though he'll often do 1hr or more crash courses ("Learn X in Y hours"). He's more eclectic, too. Traversy focuses on a few stacks (not a bad thing at all), while Banas will put out on pretty much anything. (He covered COBOL this year, for example.)

You mentioned Edureka, and I have to say that they have the most comprehensive DevOps course that I've found on YouTube. It really plays like pay-level Udemy content, and it's just sitting there.

I've been looking into FunFunFunction ( and Ben Awad ( too, though I'm a bit newer to them.

Thanks for sharing your list!

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Akash Upadhyay Author

Hey thank you for the detailed review mateπŸ˜€β€

Freecodecamp is a hub of a youtube programming channel

Banas and funfunction... I've recently started following them.

I'll definitely include them in my next list. β€πŸ˜€

This list totally based on a few parameters.

YouTube has more than 100+ good programming YouTubers and everyone have their different opinions. That's y community is there where buddy like you suggest their favourite ones. πŸ˜€β€