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re: Thank you, a nice concise, useful article that's going to help me with my node work. Something you didn't really touch on, but when would you use ...

Thanks, Robert! Glad to hear the article was helpful :)

On yarn vs npm, while initially there were noticeable differences in performance and features, I guess at this time is more of a personal preference and what works best with your setup, since you can get pretty much the same with both.

I've seen a lot of projects adding lock files for both, which to be honest, seems like a bit of pain to maintain and could potentially lead to having those files off sync regarding the correct versions of dependencies, but it's definitely a possibility.

In general, I'd say, if you're publicly sharing your project, npm would be a more appropriate way to go, since it's the one that most devs, especially beginners, are most familiar with.

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