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I keep hearing (and personally believe) that programming in the future will be less of a profession and more of a skill, kind of like typing letters or working with spreadsheets. I plan on handling this with my kids in a scope of teaching them to troubleshoot things and take them apart to see what is really going on. The base skills needed for a mechanic, programmer, or detective are largely the same. Look at the facts, and evaluate the possibilities to determine a best guess at what's wrong. Once you help them to build these skills then moving between fields centered around them can be fairly easy. I know that personally I worked in automotive maintenance and food service before I finished college and it was there that I honed some of my most important skills. From restaurant work I learned soft skills and requirement elicitation as well as problem resolution. In auto maintenance I learned more direct troubleshooting of complex systems and how to use tools for their strengths and not always for their designed intention. When you have the basics of problem solving then you can take it in many directions. Good senses of analysis and curiosity will serve them well in addition.

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