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re: yes but this is not related to language at all... Editor / IDE can be any color

This argument is not quite correct for the integrated dev environment like Turbo Pascal, It'll be a bit weird if somebody will use another editor then using command line for building. I mean he is in love with the intergrated feeling of development.

okay but tons of languages have IDEs so this is not an argument again

:D I meant to original comment's is his impression, under the context when Turbo Pascal still shine. Why do we need to argue things by our opinion about his on this? LoL weird.

Never said I wasn't weird :-)

It's a bit like watching a sit-com that you grew up with. You should never watch it again, because it's not as good as you remember it.

At the time, we used to create buttons using ANSI characters - Windows was just something you ran when you wanted to play minesweeper.

The IDE helps makes the language productive, or torture. It also makes it pretty or ugly to work with. Borland was onto something in those days.

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