re: Out of everything you've seen or read, what had the biggest impact on your life as a developer? VIEW POST


This one, for sure:

Another one was when I was trying to learn about designing a plugin architecture for .NET, and I found a very informative tutorial about the topic complete with code samples that was close to my use case. I was amazed at how the author figured all that stuff out when I knew I wouldn't have been able to if I didn't find his article. At the end of the tutorial was his bio, and it said he codes during the couple of hours when his small town gets electricity. I was awestruck.

These instances remind me of my privilege. That no matter how hard things may seem for me, I have no excuse to slack off.
They remind me to be empathetic in all of my dealings, because I have no idea of the battles other people are going through.


A great reminder, thanks for sharing.


You're welcome! I still need to remind myself every day.

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