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Discussion on: Are you feel that is so dependent of packages, libraries or frameworks?

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César Ricárdez

I come from a Java background and now I'm working with C++. I've friend who work with JS closely and I myself had worked with JS for a couple of projects. Yes, I have the same feeling as you on JS and the overwhelming world of dependencies. The worst thing IMO is that there are a lot of libraries who do the same thing or almost the same thing.
My belief is that the whole ecosystem is still new compared with other langs, there is a lot of opportunity to play and a lot of opportunity to collaborate. On your projects it really depends on your goals, if you're aiming for a product, leverage on the work of others, after all you need to validate your product. I will advise on this to always be careful when picking dependencies, since if you choose a poorly supported project you will end with the responsibility of maintaining yourself. Also, take into account the complexity, could be that you only need a map and not really a whole in-memory db for your growing product. You are always iterating and making things better.
Finally, if your aim is to learn new concepts, try your best to do the things from scratch, there's no better way to learn.
PS. Yes JS has a fresh ecosystem, but with years in the back you can still see some trends in the area.

Happy coding!

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André Matias Author

Nice, thanks to reply.