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Discussion on: What's your favorite Static Site Generator?

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Hugo. It's the fastest by far which means it's more suitable as sites get bigger. The reduced time also translates to reduced build times by your hosting company which can mean lower cost. I also really like that it's just one file that you can use anywhere.

I've also tried Jekyll and Eleventy.

The downside of Hugo is that although there is a lot documentation it's not the most easy to understand for some: I think that will depend on one's background though.

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Madza Author

Afaik most of them claim to be 'blazing fast', Gatsby being one of the first examples to come to mind 😀😀 Irl Hugo has been often referenced from devs as being the fastest ⚡

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Julian Markiewicz

I would also recommend Hugo. For me an important thing that I was looking for, when picking up an SSG was, that there would be a lot of ready to use, well documented themes (I was felling pretty lazy when changing my website 😄).
I would also agree with @xixianykus that how fast will you get the generator depends mainly on what you were working with previously. I'm working on the frontend in frameworks like vuejs or angualr and there are a lot of similarities between them and Hugo. I just watched the tutorial which introduced me into the hugo development and was ready to go.