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Discussion on: What should I know to be a software architect?

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Xing Wang • Edited

At MIT, (the school I went to), there is a class called 6.033 Computer Systems Engineering.

It is basically a sophmore level introduction class for knowledge/skills for software architect.

  • Software Design principals in general.
  • Distributed Systems
  • Security (how to design secure systems, and tool kits available.).
  • Networks
  • Databases.
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stereobooster Author

Wow! OS, Networking, DIstributed systems, Security. This indeed looks quite insightful. Thanks

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Xing Wang

Yep. If you want to have a structured course, this is one the best, there is no text book, but I believe course materials (lecture notes, recommended readings, homework and assignments) are all online.
After this class, there is classes that goes into each topic in more depth, but this is course that tells you how things fit together. Given it has a lot of topics already, so it can't cover everything. I would recommend understand database also, how database works, and differences between some key databases designs such as sql vs nosql.

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