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Discussion on: Screw Your Passion

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Great post. Loved it! I found it highly relatable :) I've always been meddling around with different things. Always jumping to that "shiny precious" that I found interesting at that particular point in time. From development to music to video editing to what not.

It gets worse when I do the same thing within development, picking up a new language every so often. I have received constructive criticism, to become good at one skill. The general opinion being it's better to be a master in one trade than to be a jack of many. Being a junior level dev, deep down I know that I need to start learning something in depth. But sadly, I've never been able to focus on a particular project/language/anything.

I'd really appreciate it if you could throw some pointers on how to develop focus on one thing to gain a deeper understanding of it. Thanks :)

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Patrick God Author

Thank you!

I'm afraid, I don't really have the perfect answer. I think it really comes with practice and.. careful.. don't be scared.. discipline. ;) But that's way easier said than done, of course.

I wrote some articles that may cover this topic:

Personally, side projects helped me a lot to don't lose focus. When I find something, just one little thing, a tiny spark, that might interest me, I need to think of a side project I want to create totally by myself. That way I can learn on my own pace, dive deep or just scratch the surface, and stop whenever I want. To gain a deeper knowledge of the topic, of course, discipline comes to my mind again. But there is no boss telling you, you have to do this or learn that. You can manage your time all by yourself.

Hope this helps!

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