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re: Vue seems like another well-crafted post-Angular-1 project with some really friendly functionality. Just look at some of the code from the official...

VueJS is indeed a post-angular tool, but it would be very short-sighted to reduce it to that:

  • There's an amazing Webpack loader for components (just try it out)
  • If you like JSX (meh) well there you go
  • States update are detected automatically
  • There is server-side rendering (see projects like Nuxt)

It's really my default (and only) go-to framework, I've never heard anybody complain about it (not even the guys that said "I'll never do front-end again it's too crappy")

I've built a couple of projects now with the early nuxt versions and its been great. I'm really tempted to give it a run within an electron app since I found the learning curve very quick to jump onto.

I've used it on U2Guide and yeah, it rocks (well, I had to leave the project before then end, but anyways).

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