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Basically they're paying people to use custom-built Chrome-only features.

Which in my opinion leads to:

  1. New paradigms, hence new frameworks (or at least new major versions which are incompatible with the old ones)
  2. A step further towards a Chrome-only Internet

In short, that is terribly bad.


Even as a Chrome user, I do find that terrible. More web Monopoly.

  1. How is number one bad?

  2. Someone has to pull the blanket, or APIs with better performance will never come.


Microsoft still supports (horribly bad) design decisions dating from the 70s. Let me say that I really don't like Microsoft but if they did something good over the time is that they care about their customers and enabling their businesses.

Currently the web development industry is like a headless chicken running in all directions. Nobody understands what we're doing. How can we guarantee the work we make if we can't understand it? All we do right now is throw our customer's money through the window because we have no idea what we're doing.

We all need to take a step back and chill the fuck down.

Also, Google is terrible at web performance. All their apps are heavy as fuck. If you open Gmail you'll instantly pop 300 Mio of RAM. As a comparison, takes 50 Mio of RAM. How the fuck is it so hard to display a list of emails?

This grant is hypocritical bullshit. It's a booby trap into vendor lock-in.

In politics when you want to pass anything you say it's to protect from terrorism. In (web) development when you want to pass anything you say it's for performance.

Come on, Gmail is way more featureful than
And a legacy from before easy code-splitting.
And a legacy in general.

Anyhow, that's Google being a consumer of the browser.

Google as a producer of the browser makes the ever faster (and at its time, impossibly groundbreaking) V8, and their renderer isn't too bad either.

What's your stance on JavaScript in general?


Not sure about Chrome-only part. Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave have same features in regards to developer tools so it is a bit Chrome-BASED-only but anyways who cares. If it goes that far it could lead maybe to different kind of web as a response from other part of community. Maybe new language for web like replacement for HTML, CSS, and JS or some crazy thing like that.

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