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Lost in binaries? Here’s what I do!

We all had and will surely have moments of uncertainty and completely suffering under the weight of the logical/technical problem we must handle.
Okay, let’s start with this, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SUFFERS, WE ALL DO, the only difference is how often you get this, and how strong you become handling it over and over.

I still remember my second internship as a software developer, I was a part of the team charged with building the mobile app version using react native, guess what? I don’t even master vanilla javascript nor how to build a mobile application! And let’s say I was completely screwed 'cause I had only 45 days to deliver the final version of something I had no idea about.

What I’m saying here is not a new framework to master, but also a new design thinking to adapt, a new structure to set, and definitely a new solution to provide.

That’s one of the situations I love and appreciate, yes! you read that right, that’s a golden opportunity to upgrade your set of skills and open up to new technical points of view.
Now, Let’s start with what I did and let us just skip the self-doubt moments 😁.

1. Divide and conquer

What you need to know, is the problem you’re dealing with is a strong opponent to be handled at once and fully, and the best way to win the game is to turn it into a set of small problems that you will handle one by one.

In my case here, is to turn my big problem, being overwhelmed with all this new stuff into these tiny fries:

  • Getting into mobile development and think like a mobile developer.
  • Mastering JavaScript as fast as possible and go after the web version of React (ReactJS) so I can understand its mobile version (React native).
  • Checking out lot of open-sourced react projects so I’ll have an idea of how things are actually being done by professionals.
  • Last and not least, getting to know the dev environment requirements and setup mine properly.

If you feel like you need to, divide each one of these as well.

2. Go old school

It's a wonderful habit to go for a pen and paper when your brain can no longer visualize things properly.
Instead of having that badly-crafted net of thoughts in your mind, why just make them real in a couple of notes and diagrams.

Nevertheless, there're tools to help you get the job done:

For diagrams and drawings : : For designing your charts properly.

For notes :

I used to use One Note and it’s really amazing !

Since I switched to MacOs and iOS, I'm using Apple Note, it's simple and classy !

And something really helpful :

I got this idea while watching a med doctor performing an autopsy and recording a vocal report in the process.
You can use any voice record application to store your ideas, the best about this is that your feelings are stored too, so record them with passion and excitement!

3. Make use of your superpowers

You have those, but not all the time!

While relaxed, we intend to think very clearly, and our brains work just magically.
Yes, I’m talking about that shower time, bathroom time, or maybe that night walk time when your brain can make wonderful blueprints.

While having a similar problem, I intend to have showers, sometimes 3 per day, night walks alone, or you’ll find me just laying down on my bed, thinking deeply of what needs to be done.

Don’t waste that on drama or some uselessness!

4. It is what it is

Sometimes, in order to handle a problem, you first need to clear your mind. In other words, you need to forget about it temporarily and don't give a damn for the moment.

But remember you only do that to give yourself a break from that emotional pressure, so be careful, without your control, it can turn into a lifetime break!

5. Get some help

It may be a one-person job, still, you can have someone who’ll have your back.

Sometimes the job is confidential and should not be shared, but I’m not talking technically, I have friends who help me bear the pain, for that I’m grateful, emotional support is way more important than technical.

Make sure you surround yourself with worthy people!


I’d like to say, having problems like these, doesn’t mean you’re dumb or stupid, doesn’t mean you made the wrong choice, it only means that you got yourself into a new situation, and you need to adapt to it.

Learn, adapt and overcome, remember?

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