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Uhm, its 2019....
Why do you need a publisher?

If this is a pc game you pay 100.00 to release it on steam and they take 30% of your sales done... they handle credit cards and all that other stuff...

That 30% is more then just their cut.

You still need to submit to itunes if it's a mac game..

If you do release on android you can submit it to the play store.

Besides that you can release on itch.io....

But honestly do you want to make a game or a game engine cause you aren't going to do both..

The only reason you could need a publisher is because you're trying to get them to pay for you to sit around making a game...and in this case a game engine too, in which case you probably aren't going to give them a cut if it becomes the next torque3d... sure they can take some tribes money but anyone with a brain knows they are funding both the game and engine development.


I don't NEED one, but it can make sense for the right fit. Publishers have contacts they can leverage, make it easier to get press, better at marketing and promoting and find players. I am great as a developer, but I am not great at these things. I also understand that a piece of a large pie is better than all of a tiny pie. Selling a game involves more than paying $100 to steam or making an itch.io page, it involves bringing in players.

And I am doing both, you can do both it is more time consuming, and as discussed in the article- has potential impact on partnerships.

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