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new.css - modern websites with only HTML

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new.css is a classless CSS framework to write modern websites using only HTML. It weighs ~4.5kb.

I make a lot of websites. It's a common sight, while making a super simple website, to find myself writing the same CSS over and over just to clean up ugly 90's styling.

the interweb

In these situations, it would be a waste to import a giant framework like Bootstrap when I'm going to use precisely 3 components. I made new.css to fill this void, and to start creating websites differently.

The web was made for semantic HTML—let's start using it. You can import new.css into your body's <head> using one line.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Here's how that site looks now.


It's not going to make you a fancy carousel. It's not going to give you 12 different column elements. All it does is turn basic HTML into something that the Smithsonian isn't going to request for their History of Computing exhibit.

There's a demo on and it's fully open-source on

Let me know what you think. If you have any comments, questions, please let me know!

Top comments (12)

caiangums profile image
Ilê Caian

Reminds me of marx!

Also, nice work! 😁

bdn profile image

Thanks, Ilê! That looks like a great tool, thanks for sharing.

patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Thanks, it's the answer to this question no body can answer.

bitdweller profile image
Pedro Pimenta

It was planned this way loooong ago, changing it now, would likely break many stylings.

We build our CSS based on the browser standards. Changing that will certainly change some elements on websites that don't so normalize/reset/etc...

That's why it will (probably) not change.

sen77 profile image

Nice, will try it one day.

A little advise: don't name anything 'new'. Because tomorrow it will certainly become 'old'

crock profile image
Alex Crocker

Congrats on the launch @3x ! I've known this guy for a long time. He diligently served as a moderator on for years and does a fantastic job! This guy is definitely going places in 2020.

bitdweller profile image
Pedro Pimenta

Very nice for building bare-bones projects quickly!

diegomouradev profile image
Diego Moura

That's awesome in so many different levels of simplicity! Thank you 🙇

vladi160 profile image

I can't understand, why I need that instead of Bootstrap. In it, I can import only grid or all the styles or mobile or only JS.

felipegs profile image
Felipe Gustavo

Interesting idea to use in simple frontends when you just want to test some ideia quickly. Congrats.

lukewaring profile image
Luke Waring

Love it, thank you for sharing 🙏

vimarsh244 profile image
Vimarsh Shah

It is really great and makes things very simple.