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re: as many other things in CS loops for processing lists are intuitive and not the best choice in the end ) what I wanted to outline is that during e...

"this is not the solution"

I really hate when I watch a "this is a demo" course, cuz most of them are like that, and I'm like: "So where the is the actual solution?". Ends with me inspecting github repos to see how it's actually implemented :D

Ah yeah... I totally agree about mentioning one concept totally alone.

We try to follow a strict manner in showing one thing at a time, while trying to mix things after the user gets the knack of that one principle alone.

what I ment is that you should outline that even with simplest building blocks like loops, beginner developer should question if its a good fit for their problem and seek for better )
I agree, with entry-level courses it might be tough to combine with keeping interest for the subject, so good luck!)

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