re: Apple wants to remove scripting languages from macOS VIEW POST


Lame move from Apple, pretty Apple-ish though.


What's their major purpose then? Or what are they aiming to achieve with that? Ridiculous to me.


This actually brings MacOS much more aligned with Linux philosophy. Most distros don't have tons of scripting languages installed by default, really just Python if I remember correctly. Bring your own toolset is much preferred in my opinion.


Yep, but Python is pretty important cuz I'm pretty sure there will tools needing that (even inside the OS).

Update: seems like Automator uses it

There's nothing to say a new release of Automatic won't bundle a python interpreter or give you a prompt that installs it (much like how Xcode installs CLI tools). That sounds like what Apple is urging devs to do, so I'd assume they will do the same with their apps.


Why is this a lame move? By removing factory outdated packages, you can use the version that you want without afraid of conflicting issues.

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