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Nice one, Jeremy... lemme add this one:

I Want to Save Myself The Headache

Use Ubuntu


I only had headache using Ubuntu. When something breaks in it, seems like your diving into a mess of stuff you can't relate and can't find what is really breaking your system. I had more joy using Fedora. But that's my experience, I've met people which had far worse experiences using Fedora.


Ubuntu and no Headaches? Sounds nice but is far from reality 😂. I switched because of their unreliability...


I've been satisfied using Ubuntu without Unity and using LXDE instead (Lubuntu). Unity is absurdly slow and a memory hog.


Pop has had fewer headaches for me so far.


I've been using Pop too, but didn't see it on the lists in the article.

My profile is: user who wants to migrate away from Windows and all that baggage.

I've really enjoyed Pop OS, it made it to switch.

I've been looking at POP, but I haven't tried it. As a rule I only included distros in this article that I've spent real time with over the years.

It's on my list.

After only 4 months of usage, I really like POP. So far I had zero problems.

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