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#discuss Do you read JavaScript Specification? Why should someone read JavaScript Specs?

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I was talking to someone and they said that you need not read the JavaScript specs until you're implementing a parser or something.

I want to know the opinions of other devs on the topic.

Here's a link to the JavaScript specifications

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I will start by adding my opinion,
Even websites like MDN can be sometimes inaccurate and many people make corrections on MDN.
JavaScript specs are the only official way to know what something is doing.

I think everyone who's even an intermediate JavaScript developer should come to the JavaScript specs when they get stuck on a problem to learn the exact behavior of JavaScript.

If we promote people to read the JavaScript specs I think many people who complain about weird JavaScript behavior will stop complaining because they know what's happening.


Official specs are just too crazy to the bone.
So I usually use MDN docs.

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