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Discussion on: What programming best practice do you disagree with?

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Yawar Amin

David, most apps nowadays aren't built as a single monolithic systems directly under the team's control. There are many moving parts, many components, and many backend services which are involved in bringing just one app into production-readiness. Of course we all want to test and QA our apps thoroughly–that's due diligence and we wouldn't be doing our jobs otherwise. But I think it's useful to keep in mind that not every integration point, not every interaction, might have been tested. And if something unexpected pops up, you could be stuck debugging it late on a Friday evening, tired and hungry. That's not a great way to end the week.

That's also why I like the techniques of blue-green deploys, and canary deploys–we let the new release soak for a bit and fix issues on the fly–preferably near the start of the day when we're fresh.