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re: Tell me something funny about your first DEV job VIEW POST


My first job was with a business who's whole model was based on referrals. The app I was working on was for reps to submit their referrals.

As you can imagine, the main table in the database was the referrals table. It had almost a million rows and every other table had a referral ID column to join it.

The table was spelled referalls.

What's worse, it was such an old legacy app, it was written before ORMs were popular, so all the DB queries were in the actual code, so references to the table were EVERYWHERE!

There was also no uniform way to spell the Referral ID columns. Some tables had them as referral_id and others as referall_id.

It was a mess!


That's the funny one! I won't tell you the scary one about how they stored their passwords in plaintext. And how despite me issuing a number of fixes, they still didn't fix it as of the day I left 10 months later...

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