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Discussion on: What extend it is "OK" to be tracked?

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It's difficult to have the best of both worlds. Duckduckgo is a joke. I never found anything useful on it. It doesn't know enough about me to know that I'm interested in this but not that. It will never know enough about me because else that will go completely against what they aim to be.

I moved to Google from Yahoo and never looked back. I can instantly find almost anything I want according to my personal preference and I'm thankful to Google for that. I think I'm okie with Google knowing what I want.

If you don't like one service then just don't use it. I do agree that you should have the power to completely stay anon. I think websites should always ask us that and allow us to opt out of we don't want be tracked. On another hand, we must agree with losing certain features and benefits because we opt out. (For example, you cannot turn off javascript then expect the website to behave exactly the same right? That would be ridiculous)

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Sanket Dhole Author

Speaking about DuckDuckGo it's your choice. I just recommend that for switching over non-tracking stuff.
And also I am not obsessed with tracking as such. Because it's in companies business model. But at what extend people must be tracked that's my concern.

Due to investor pressure or for generating more profits or what ever reason, these companies entering people's personal lives. That's also fine but people aren't aware of it. Even knowing this there companies are taking advantage of it. That's the real problem.