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Discussion on: Why not use GraphQL? Misconceptions, why REST is superior but still draws the short straw

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I like the way you put it. I really hate it when some guy randomly popups and claims that abc is the next best thing ever and all people who are not using it are just stupid. If a tool exists, there must be reason for it. Perhaps you don't see that reason but someone in this world of almost 9 billions people needs that tool for a reason.

I can see that graphql may add additional cost and potential break points for teams that are not ready for it yet. I'm also not very comfortable exposing the data structures and let 3rd party write their own queries. I think it work well in a trusted environment but exposing it to the world can spell disaster to your system.

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Jens Neuse Author

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What you're saying is exactly why I created WunderGraph. We hide GraphQL behind JSON-RPC in production without giving up the flexibility during development. I'd love to get in touch and have a chat with you.