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Discussion on: Why there seem to be less opportunities in Rust (right now) ?

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YJDoc2 Author • Edited

Taylor Fraley, I can definitely understand what you're saying about the use of Rust in web. As of my knowledge, there are two "prominent" frameworks for web in Rust, Actix Web and Rocket, and out of them Rocket uses rust nightly, which can be a high risk in production (I saw a talk by creator of Rocket, saying he can't understand how some companies are actually using Rocket in production)
I'd say safe concurrency is also one of focusses of Rust, but maybe the cost of learning is high for the general use, whereas Go provides it without much difficulty, at tread off of having a GC , which , as you said, is decent fast for most applications.

If you know, can you give some examples of in which domains companies might be currently using Rust?
And thanks for sharing 😊

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Taylor Fraley

These are just my own observations. Some of these are from actively monitoring jobs at companies that are actively using Rust :). Some of them are companies/projects that have written about it. There are a few domains I've seen take a fair amount of interest.

Blockchain / Web3 - Parity (and anything that builds on Substrate or Polkadot), NEAR, Protocol Labs (IPFS/Filecoin/libp2p), Libra, Purestake, Chainlink
There seems to be a lot of interest in Rust in this space.

Various kinds of Distributed Systems - Kraken, Dropbox, NPM, Fastly, Cloudflare, Red Canary, Microsoft
Kraken is the one company I've seen that seems to be putting a lot of active effort behind using Rust for a lot of things, including microservices and desktop GUI development. Many are more like Dropbox or NPM, where they built/rebuilt some major system in Rust with success. Fastly has been working on webassembly based edge computing using Rust. 1Password has a project to build their core functionality into webassembly modules to make them reuseable.

There are probably plenty more that are experimenting with it in some way.

There are other domains where there is plenty of interest, just not mass adoption. Game development (Embark Studios), embedded development, and DevOps tooling (FP Complete) are good examples.

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Taylor Fraley

Oh, I forgot to mention this.

First, I am pretty sure Rocket no longer requires nightly. That's a pretty recent change.

Second, there are actually quite a few really good web frameworks.

But the point you made is still VERY true. Everything in the space is so early in development that it seems pretty risky to use it in production.