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Discussion on: Daily Challenge #48 - Facebook Likes

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La blatte

And a bit of golf with the Intl.ListFormat tool!

f=(n)=>(b=n.length<2,a=new Intl.ListFormat`en-GB`,(n.length>3?a.format([n[0],n[1],n.length-2+' others']):a.format(n.length?n:['no one']))+` like${b?'s':''} this`)

Here is the output:

"no one likes this"
"Peter likes this"
f(["Jacob", "Alex"])
"Jacob and Alex like this"
f(["Max", "John", "Mark"])
"Max, John and Mark like this"
f(["Alex", "Jacob", "Mark", "Max"])
"Alex, Jacob and 2 others like this"

Basically, with a bit of wibbly wobbly trickery, depending on the input length, we either call the format function with ["no one"], the complete input, or the two first elements followed by the remaining quantity of items. Finally, we add (or not) an s to the like, and return the built string!