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Discussion on: C++, C#, Java, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript . Which Has Better Opportunities and a Future

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Bret Author

ok, so which is better for the future? I keep hearing Python, but that's more for Datascience and MachineLearning. how does C++, C and Java compare? I keep hearing Python is slow?

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It's a good question. Actually Javascript is better, but I remind you, don't worry about the language 100%, your focus is solve problems. Python slow? Nope, is depend of the algorithm, I know, some language would be slows, like Java, cause ask for permits in your virtual machine and finally, compile (by this case something when you compiler your program, sometimes late), python I didn't know exactly 'cause the people told you about is "slow".
Which is better for the future?
Depend, maybe in 5-10 years born a new programming language or change.

  • Machine Learning and Data Science -> Python
  • Competitive Programming and other things -> C++/C
  • If you need use a lot OOP and more interface -> Java
  • Programming Web -> Javascript, Php and frameworks.
  • Software Enginner -> In this case, you use to all languages, why? If your client wanna a website, software science, etc, you must search which language is more efficient for you. You can search in an API language and look her characteristics.

How does C++, C and Java compare?
Easy, search since API and Internet.

I keep hearing Python is slow?
Well, I didn't know if it's true or no, but every language has her advantage and disadvantage.

Good luck and have a good day!

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Bret Author

THANK YOU! So if I wanted to get started with C++, Machine Learning , Data science. What type of “free work” FOR EXPERIENCE, is there?