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re: I checked it out and it’s awesome 😎 Thanks for sharing 🙌🏽 What is the goal for your channel?

To bring more equality between male and female programmers/developers, most of us in the tech world underestimated the female programmers/developers and the great job they created. I'm speaking for myself as a male, I believe that Men should appreciate the hard work that the women put into this tech world, and actually, give them some credits and treat them as it should be. I see so many women online have to hide their identity just for their work or courses to be accepted by the majority of people without questioning their gender and ability/knowledge/skills. That's why I'm trying to share more contents that are made by women instead of men in my channel to bring more awareness to the community.

Doing the lords work (I respect what you’re doing). I’ll download Telegram and join the channel ✊🏾

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