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When I make decision to choose which technologies are suitable for project, I put all the factors and constrains on the table and start from limited one.

Period of time
Number of team member (Engineer, designer, etc)
Skills of each person

Budget and Time are keys. 99% of all problems can be solved by money. Money which is always lack of :D


That's an interesting idea, certainly for a project which is for an organisation or client - determine what you have least of and orient technology choices around those constraints.

How do you make those choices for your personal projects? 🙂


Yes, I do.

It does not matter the project is for clients or personal, Resources are limited, I have only 24 hours a day and many things to do in this limited life time. I can't invest as much as i can on my personal project, so finance is also limited.

Back to technologies. What I surely expect is output. Technologies are methods to deliver expected outcome. For example, you have plenty of ways to develop REST API.
Then it comes to consider another constrainsts

  1. Programming skills: Would you develop by programming language you mastered already? that would shorten learning time and be able spend on another things such as architecture, design, documentation or learn new programming language? it would take some time depends on learning curve.

  2. Environment: This includes development environment and production environment. Windows server restal cost is always more expensive than Linux one.

  3. Maintenence: We all love to fire and forget, the best system comes highest reliability and least maintenance.

  4. Security: It is nessesary, isn't it


When the resources are limited We can't take everything, some need to be cut or reduced. Project requirement will give us clue.

Keep in mind that time is money (spend or gain), principle of business. No need to consider this if money grows on trees.

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