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Discussion on: An elegant way to archive our voracious curiosity

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Yoric Author

I didn't even notice there are a "visit count" and "last date visit" on Google search :) It's actually weird because this information is sometimes missing even though we did visit the page (and the link color is purple)

I agree it's faster to google again (except for specific information we had a hard time to find, as you said).

Like you I used Tumblr to archive links. I didn't feed it for 6 years (wow !) but it's actually still online.

However, I find it handy to have sort of a "clean history" of what we did actually read over the months and the years, and what we get from it. It produces the same effect with blogging or journaling: we become more conscious about what we consume, asking questions like "What piece of information is useful here ?", "What am I here for ?", "How would I sum up what I just read ?", "How can I implement it ?". Like being more mindful.
Of course, making that extra-effort takes time, and it slows down our browsing experience. That's why most of us don't do it I guess.

Your technique to tag bookmarks with 1 to 5 stars is interesting. So you differentiate what's really awesome from the casual bookmarks.

In the end, Organizational and Productivity tools are tricky, because you need to find out what works best for you. It requires you to be pro-active, to try a bunch of it, and see if you can stick with it over time.

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I agree with you. Most likely while we keep curious we will, from time to time, look for a better way to do things (like saving bookmarks).
About the star system, I would tag this page here as "bookmarks, organisation, dev, ****", while one of those curated lists of awesome software would probably got "*****".
I also found that if we do take the time to feed those "note to self" blogs we get something like better consciousness (or something like that) about what we have been doing. It also demonstrates that you did something with all that online time :)