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Discussion on: Good keyboards matter.

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Wow so I think we have the same...

Mine is also taking dust on a bookshelf, except I put it into its original cardboard package (so it won't take too much dust, which is pretty visible on a black color keyboard by the way)).

The main reason for me is I'm off in a foreign country for one year. So I left my dear desktop computer and this keyboad. I'm now using a small laptop instead, more convenient when traveling.

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Alexandre Terrien

I have one of the new (with touchbar) Macbook pro, and the keyboard is such a pain, it's really hard to distinguish keys by touch (plus no physical escape and function keys). I think I'd carry my 60% keyboard if I had to travel for more than a month abroad, since it's quite light

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This thing to me it's really bonkers. You spend a lot of money on a computer and the thing you have to use all the time to input commands to it is the thing they messed up the most.