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Discussion on: Build a Snake Game in functional JavaScript - Part 0

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Good effort,and pretty well explained. Can't wait to see the next post :p

I just don't get the ramda import. What is it, and why use it ? ^^'

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Patricio Ferraggi Author

Hey Max, I am glad you liked it, hopefully I can get the next one done in the upcoming week.

Well, most of the functions I used like pipe, thunkify, map and repeat they don't come by default with JavaScript, in order not implement them myself (as it is not the goal of this project) I used a library called Ramda.js, you can check the documentation here So in order to use this library inside node.js, I first need to import it, otherwise, methods are no visible. If this would be done directly in a browser I could have used the 'import' syntax or just put a reference for the ramda.js file inside the html.