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  • How to beat the fear of "OMG what will happen if X or Y and I am far away from home?"
  • What are the best places to stay at, hotels, Airbnb, hostels?
  • Did you get to a country where you couldn't communicate at all, and how did you deal with it?

Background: I work remote and my wife, my son and I are planning on travelling around the world. But at the same time I'm afraid of taking the plunge! Our families are from Costa Rica, Taiwan, and Russia, so we have travelled around but for some reason I still feel afraid. There's always an excuse (we have a baby, I should find a place to settle, etc.)


I was thinking if I have a baby I go travel with him/her, even though the baby won't remember anything at that age 😂. I also met some couples during trips, taking care a baby is really a lot of work. I see “what if” as a way to plan ahead and keep a plan B or C.

Hotel brings me a lot personal moment, some of them are more like apartment, not hotel. But soon I found it's a bit boring. Then I try hostels, good to chat with other travellers and meet interesting people. Hostels usually have nice kitchen so I can cook my favorite meal. Some people just run a hostel in their own house, make it no different from living in other’s home. For family you might want to book a whole room or family suite.

English seems widely spoken, but not everyone speak it. I try to learn their languages, sometimes I just chat with them using Google Translate day and night 🤣. I had excuses before, but time and ability to move are precious, I got lots of time to settle down when I get old. Sometime I see those seniors traveling alone, I think about what is it like when I get there. When you get started all excuses just gone. You start think rationally when things come up and find you way out. Most importantly, always stay positive.


When you get started all excuses just gone.

This makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the reply! :)

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