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Discussion on: Inclusion & Economic Efficiency Go Hand-in-Hand for Jen Gilbert, Tech Learning Manager at Lyft

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Well done!

Nowadays, companies should realize that the most valuable assets are the intangible ones (methods & practices, software components, documentation, ... knowledge in general).

I did attend once a Bigdata conference whose topic was the value of the data. There was a remote interview to one Gardner analyst talking about a new type of insurance needed to intangible assets (I guess this is one reference to that work).

The anecdote told there was happened after 9/11 events in the WTC. The companies affected did turn to their insurances in order to recover assets, and they did receive a compensation for the tangible assets (hardware, furniture, etc..). Nevertheless there was no mechanism for insurance of those digital or intangible assets.

The fact is that, since the Industry 3.0, the information is becoming a key factor in the business. Not only that in documentation or software components itself, also that in the mind of the employees (the expertise).

I appreciate all those companies that invest in upgrading the maintenance of the intangible assets alongside the capability of their employees, prospects employees and user communities. They will profit for sure of enhanced productivity.

But we ultimately try to translate the qualitative feedback into numbers.

This is always an attractive field: modelling the semantics with Ontologies, mining them from the available data, detecting current issues, proposing solutions and making simulations to validate them.

A lot of fun! ;-)

Good luck.