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re: And when some wise guys at Cambridge said, hey we've invented a replacement to COBOL called "CPL" everyone said "We don't need yet another programm...

Thank you for the quotation. I have the same opinion. We don't need too many more programming languages and frameworks.

With the programming languages happen the same that with the mobile phones. The unique reason new ones are needed is to make the old ones obsoletes and try to take control of the market.

Can someone really tell me why was Ruby needed in the moment of its creation? What does it provide that could not be added to existing languages?

The principle of "Do not repeat yourself" that science respect is not not followed most of the time.

It seems that the theory behind sofware development doesn't matter anymore and the they're is a global hype on languages like Javascript that is dangerous becoming the ground stones of apps without being so mature as language or some optimal for execution.

It is like if some new tech allows to recycle the garbage in a new material javascriptolite and they're is a boom in sell of cars with "futuristic" look, low weight and a hammer toolkit to shape it yourself to the shape you like.

Of course many skilled people will make from Javascriptolite a new market. But some day people will start to read again physics and mechanics.

Or would somebody build an space ship from that material?

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