re: What is that one tool/stack/framework that you have no interest with despite the popularity? VIEW POST

re: Whoa, TIL! Thanks for the info about Docker. Will definitely try it out someday... It is not a hype. Poor choice of word, I guess. What I meant...

As mentioned in OP, I haven't had any necessity to do it yet

I guess those are the best paradigm shifts for tools. That tool that we think we don't need, and at the end we can not live without them.

I had such a similar feeling during the rise of version control software, unit tests, etc.. I did programs at least six years without all of that and 24 years later I don't imagine living without them.

tool that we think we don't need, and at the end we can not live without them.

In hindsight, there are tools that we think we needed, but as it turns out it has become irrelevant or replaced by better ones. On the top off my head: Coffeescript (ES6 and Typescript made it irrelevant), jQuery (browser maturity/frontend framework made it irrelevant), Browserify (Webpack/other better bundler tools made it irrelevant). Obviously, I'm not saying Docker is going to be one of them LOL, I'm just saying that the statement could go both ways.

But I truly agree with you with version control, unit tests. There are certain things that we could invest early and it turned out to be really essential. I think it takes experience to know if which tool is which, and with Docker I'm going to agree with you because my devops skills as a frontend dev is totally 👎🏼 😂 Thanks for the detailed info tho!

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