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Nevertheless, Yumi Kim Coded

I began/continue to code because...

I was obsessed with computer games when I was a kid. Through my gaming, I've done everything from building my Maple Story guild's website with basic HTML and CSS to writing what some might call "unethical" applications to assist users in-game.

I've always wanted to try...

Starting a blog! I know they're a dime a dozen these days but it's something I've been hoping to do for a long time. I'm especially interested in the intersection between women and racial / cultural minorities in tech.

The time I questioned my decision to code the most was...

When a friend told me I had probably gotten a job because I was a token minority: female and Asian. At the time, I believed my friend. When I started my job, my imposter syndrome was more prevalent than ever before; I questioned why I was hired every day. I was fortunate though, as the COO of my company was a very strong, empowering woman — she once said something that I don't think I'll every forget: "Life is hard so take advantage of anything you can." While it may be controversial to some, I took this statement to heart. Whether I did or didn't get hired as a token minority is irrelevant. I had this amazing opportunity in my hands and I had the choice to give it my all or to sulk and question myself. I chose the former.

My advice for allies to support women and non-binary folks who code is....

Don't be afraid to call other people out when they're being rude. It's hard to stand up for ourselves sometimes so even something small like a knowing, disapproving look is much appreciated.

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Kim Arnett  is a great place to start blogging ;)

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Anna Rankin

...what some might call "unethical" applications to assist users in-game.

Hah, I love it! 😂