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Yurii Zinets
Yurii Zinets

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GoogletransX: Free unlimited translation

Hi guys!
I'd like to share with you my work on extending existing google translate library project with some features.

So, what features?

  • All that original library functionality, including unlimited free translates! :)
  • BulkTranslate with goroutines processing
  • HTML translate support
  • Built-in API server for integrations
  • Dockerized server

Why not original library?

To be honest, I started that project due to absence of normal BulkTranslate functionality. I had to translate a really huge amount of different data, and to make it fast and functional I created fork with extended features.

API server? For what?

Golang may be not the only language in the project. For simple integration I bundled functionality as a simple API to use that as a service.

I hope that it will be useful for you. Even if not, thank you for your attention :)

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