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This seems like a fun challenge, but personally I prefer to dig deeper into my language of choice in order to find more (or more standard) ways to solve more complex problems. Which means solving ever more complex problems on leetcode (my choice of coding challenge platform, and no, I'm not getting paid either). I choose more complex problems because it involves digging deeper and getting experience instead of having shallow depth and great width. Remember: both time and learning capacity are limited. You may be able to learn more than me (and many others) but there's always a limit, and then there's a time limit.

In short: learning more languages is not always the thing you benefit from the most. Sometimes it is (changing careers or taking another kind of challenge), but remember that you have other options. This is coming from someone with experience in 7 languages ;)


Of course, learning new languages might not be the thing you benefit from the most, but this blog is purely under the assumption that you need to learn a new language and it's a method I find works very, very well.


If the goal is to learn a new language, then this advice is fantastic, as learning by doing is one of the best ways to do it!

Thanks for clarifying!

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