How I stayed organized whilst studying a Computer Science degree and working a job📝

yusufcodes on August 11, 2019

Introduction👋 Have you ever wondered what it's like to study and work, and how to handle it? I hope to go over these things in this quick post. A... [Read Full]
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Thank you. I found this article particularly helpful. I’m a single mom with two kids and enrolled in a coding bootcamp. Sometimes I get so frustrated I want to quit. I’m going to follow your advice. I think life would be much simpler if I had a better work-school-life balance. I’m going to create a simple rails todo app for students;).


Hey Candice, thanks so much for reading my post👋🏽.

Much respect to you for getting into a bootcamp whilst being a motther to two kids! Getting that balance is really not easy but taking the steps to try it can certainly help. Good luck with the bootcamp😊


Hey man great article!

Definitely inspires me to tackle my last semester with all that I have but reading this post is a fresh air especially since I have worked throughout my college career up until last semester but everything you mentioned is so true and makes sense. Although there are few things I wish I had done better in the past but now know what I need to do from your post! Thank you again my friend!


Hey man, thanks for reading my post!
I'm glad you could relate to the post, and hope your last semester goes well. 👌🏽


Hey I'm also a students who has a job, I write schedules but after a short time I stop following. How do you keep up with your plan?


Hey Arber, thanks for reading my post😊

For me it's about discipline. I know that, if I don't stick to my study plans, I will fall behind and struggle with everything. This fact alone usually helps me stay on track.

For the times where I feel demotivated or burnt out, I try and take a small break from everything and come back to things later.

Hope this helps!

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