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If class is a function, why does it look like an object (class car{})? Or are you referring to the constructor function when you say class? I am new to the class syntax, sorry if it's a silly question.


I don’t believe in silly questions. Thanks for asking! - quick read, just scroll down a bit to classes are function section. Beats me typing it all as a comment.


Wow, what a great resource. So class is a function even though it looks like an object, because it has the same prototype object as a function, very weird. I just have one more question about your named class expression, let Car = class Toyota {}. Wouldn't you instantiate a new object with New Car, how would you use the "Toyota" part of the class expression?

It’s would just give that class a name. If I were to console.log(“”), it would return “Toyota”. The name is local to the classes body.

Ah, I think I understand all the confusing bits about class, thanks for teaching me!


JavaScript class is not a Class - Kyle Simpson. Rants about it daily.

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