Discussion on: Don't Give Up On Learning JavaScript After Three Weeks

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Zachary Stone

Haha true. But I found having type checking to be extremely helpful. And you can easily look up how to set it up. Most, if not all, text editors support it. (Or you can download a package to support it, VS Code detects it and says "want to download the package for TS?"Then you just click yes.

Types and type definitions in my option is easier point of entry to understand than car, let, and const.

I agree on the inferred types.

I agree on the compilation, but again.. with text editors you can set this up easily with a guide.

And yes, no results can mean a headache but on the flip side.. seeing results and not looking for errors begginers can think they didn't something correct when they did not at all.

Truth is, I feel like Typescript is an easier entry point because I learned C# first. I mentioned that in a nother comment and should of explained that in my comment you replied to.

I do recommend if you have little to no experience to try out an easier programming language, especially if nothing in JS is sticking.