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A Gentle Introduction to Functional Programming in JavaScript

Functional programming is a programming paradigm in which you build programs by composing functions. The computation is then the evaluation of those functions.

Functional programming focuses on the usage of pure functions and on avoiding shared, mutable state. This programming paradigm is declarative. Functional code is usually more concise and easier to test.

JavaScript has its flaws, but at the same time the language is well adapted for functional style of programming. Functions are first-class objects. It is easy to pass them around as arguments, or to return them from other functions.

In this mini video series, we will embark on an exciting journey to learn a bit about functional programming by using JavaScript. Presented concepts will be mostly universal and applicable to other programming languages.

This series is created with beginners and non-programmers in mind.

Don't worry, we will take it slowly!

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Irma Mesa

Exciting! I'm watching them now. Thanks for putting this out into the world.