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Discussion on: Is anyone planning a full or partial "early retirement" from software development?

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Let's face it. Professional software development sucks. The methodologies for SDLC are terrible and the developers are often happy to join in the communal chucking somebody under the bus in a stand up. Anything you do well, like saving the day is immediately forgotten.

I described agile scrum to a friend who is a psychologist and they said it reminded them of the famous 1960's prisoner and warders experiment. Like a form of torture.

More developers are finding themselves trying to be freelancers which leads to its own set of challenges. I have a limited company website but that will be highly unlikely to pick up given how larger solutions providers hog Google's Search algorithms.

It is sad, as I am pretty good at now building applications - never been better. The strangest thing is, these applications are far easier to build because of not following SDLC's and middle managers.

I won't retire from professional development but will use it to do things I want to be done commercially. If the contracting market picks up then I will get a contract but I prefer to build software as part of a commercial effort. One is my property platform findigl, and another is a trade analytics solution for assets such as cryptocurrency and stocks (note, I have no plans to market the analytics solution).