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Web Share and Web Share Target would be awesome to have across all browsers! That's a major part of the PWA experience that's still missing. On mobile, where share interactions are built into the OS, PWA's obviously missing out. And a nice side benefit is that it would remove the need for annoying site-specific share buttons on every site.


Yes! We need Safari to support share targets.

Have you noticed that DEV uses the Web Share API though? 😉


That's awesome to hear, but the API is only supported by Chrome right now. I use Firefox so it's not available for me. Still a win for progressive enhancement!

Web Share is actually supported in Safari (iOS and desktop) as well as Chrome on Android. It is definitely more relevant for mobile usage, but as the web share target and installable PWAs come to desktop I'd like to see it in all the browsers.

And yeah, it's all about the progressive enhancement! That's why I wrote a web component to progressively enhance share buttons with the web share API.

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