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Discussion on: Jack Of All Trades or Master of One?

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Saša Zejnilović

I have been thinking about my specialization for the past 5 years. In that span of time I have been doing things that were "current". Which means only things that my current team needed and in most of the times no one else knew.

Now I am a bundle of random knowledge about DevOps, Dev, QA, etc.* and I think it is helping me in many ways:

  1. I can learn things really fast. Get only the important stuff from a book and move on. I am not specialized but when you need someone to become a "specialist overnight", I am able to.
  2. I think about problems from standpoints of many fields and try to combine them to make the best product (how successful I am is not a part of this discussion)
  3. I am a master of integration and self-sufficiency. In a lot of cases, I know what to do to put all pieces together and to solve things on my own. E.g. I don't have to bug the DevOps guys for every little unstable deploy, but solve it on my own.

* I am still missing Security and it is killing me that I don't know it yet.