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If you don't mind, I'm trying to do something crazier and learn 8 (!!) languages all at once. As you can see from my posts I know Python more than the rest, but that's because I started writing with it a few years ago but I haven't kept up with the momentum at programming anything. So my mind could use some oiling for that PyPI library knowledge.

The only resource I'm using to learn all these things is HackerRank, especially their "30 days of code" tutorial, which I almost want to call a bootcamp. It feels rewarding and all but I only have time for one lesson a day for all the languages. Sometimes on particularly unhappy busy days I can only complete one for some languages. And then there's C++, Java, JS, PHP, Ruby, Go, Scala, Rust (yes, I'm weird).

Having said all that, this is a long term action and I expect to finish the tutorial in 6 months, not 30 days. Sometime I don't feel like learning and take a break like I'm doing now.

Now let me tell you about one language that gives me the jeebies: Go. It's not the C-like syntax I've come to be familiar with, all type names go after the variable, and my least favorite pet peeve, there is no implicit type conversion allowed. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with data types like the ones in Java, it's just that I dislike converting from int32 to int just to use a numeric function or using a counter that I created for a for loop.

But I still like Go, because there is tremendous opportunity in being able to use trending libraries written in the language.

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