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Discussion on: Failing and how to master it

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John 'Zimm' Zimmermann

It is easy for most to dismiss failure as being vital to growing in one's field, as many strive for some level of personal perfection in the projects and tasks that they try. The thing is, that it also easy to forget that failure is quite easily the reason many succeed. That it is the drive and cause for people to make sure they reach completion.

Sometimes, it is the result of divergent paths caused by different failure points that allow someone to succeed. Others, it is as simple as the first wall that had not been taken into account. Either way, the attempt is there and can still drive the success of the largest project to even the most simplest of tasks for someone new and always willing to learn.

In a similar vein to your mention of Edison, Wayne Gretzky's "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." quote also fits quite well. One is unable to properly learn without any actual attempts, whether each leads to success, partially or complete failure. Or even perhaps a combination. It may end up being like @Ayoub stated a "knock down" and perhaps a one step forward, two steps back kind of ordeal, but it can always lead to a stronger or at least more informed understanding

Still personally working at bettering my own grasp on this, but is a great reminder for folks. Thanks for the article.